QQE-LLD150B 150W      

1. Light body with high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting molding        
2. Using high-quality translucent borosilicate glass             
3. Professional-quality optical lens design              
4. Imported high-power LED,high efficiency            

Built-in constant current source;             
Safe and reliable natural light to ensure longeity and stability of light output.

1. German design, the appearance of simple, elegant and generous;        
2. Light body made of high quality aluminum alloy molding process,high temperature, the application of different environment and climate;  
3. Efficient modular structure, can increase or decrease the number of modules required to achieve serialization;
4. Flexible drive configuration solutions to meet the different regions of the power configuration requirements;
5. Built-in high efficiency constant current source,output stability,low wear and tear,to ensure lamp life.  

Highways, residential, roads, squares and other outdoor