LED Street light QQE-LLD200A  
LED Street Lamp Series A 
Quality aluminum alloy, Optical PC cover  
1、The patented design and utility model patents, the whole lamp, beautiful, strong wind resistance, IP65 class waterproof 
2、The formation of the 4:1 rectangular spot foreign advanced LED TIR-square compound eyes optical technology, high conversion rates, high light efficiency, the light projected onto the road in the most efficient. 
3、QQE’s Power circuit protection overpressure protection, under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, lightning protection. 
4、Evening lighting of the first five hours at full power, the gradient smart dimming systemautomatically late at night the lighting power by half, does not lead, mercury and other pollution elements in the environment without any pollution, energy saving and environmental protection 
5、No adverse glare, no flicker. Eliminate the adverse ordinary lights glare caused by theglare and visual fatigue sight interference, improve driving safety. 
6、Long Service time ≥50,000 hrs   
Products are widely used in the square, road, airport high speed, islands, and other outdoor venues